Program - Andreas Lanitis

Andreas Lanitis
Cyprus University of Technology


On the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Through Digitization, Restoration, Reproduction and Usage


The topic of digital preservation of Cultural Heritage (CH) has received considerable attention during the recent years. In this talk we focus our attention on research work related to the digital preservation of Cypriot Cultural Heritage artifacts. In particular, CH preservation through digitization, restoration, reproduction and usage of CH artifacts is presented and discussed in the context of on going research projects.


Andreas Lanitis received a B.Eng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (1991) and a Ph.D in Image Processing and Computer Vision (1995), both from the University of Manchester, UK. Subsequently he was Research Associate in the Division of Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester. Between 1997 and 2007 he was with the School of Sciences and Engineering, Cyprus College. Currently he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology. His research interests are in the area of 2D and 3D image processing with emphasis to applications involving interpretation, synthesis and restoration of items that undergo appearance variations.